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What is Cupping?

CUPPING THERAPY is an  ancient  form  of   healing  which can be  used either  to  augment  an  acupuncture  treatment  or as  an  alternative  to acupuncture.

Cupping is  an important component of traditional Chinese medicine in  which bell shaped cups  are  applied  to  the  skin, creating a vacuum that causes the cup to adhere to the skin by suction. This draws up the underlying tissues and draws blood to the surface area of the body where the cups have  been applied. This increased blood flow relieves muscle cramping, hardening of tissue and associated pain.

The treatment creates temporary, localized bruises, which – like all bruises – activate the body’s defensive cells to heal the bruised area. Generally, however,  the  bruise  will  disappear in  a few  days.   A  word  of  caution: cupping is primarily used for people with a weak constitution and low blood pressure; it is never for patients with high blood pressure.

It is imperative that this method only be performed by licensed practitioners.

Precautions after cupping / Gwa SA

1. No Alcohol for 24 hours.
2. No smoking marijuana for 48 hours.
3. No cold or iced drinks for 24 hours.
4. No sex for 24 hours.
5. Keep area lightly covered and warm for 24 hours. The Chinese say the patient is “open” to the outside through these procedures and the patient can quickly get a cold or flu.