Dr. Fiona Kelley

Wuxin Healing Arts Doctor of Oriental Medicine

2920 North Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 723.
Henderson, NV 89014

(702) 369-3406

FAQ – What does Acupuncture Cost?

Because of the time involved,  your Initial Visit which lasts two hours costs a flat rate of $110.  Following visits cost $75 and run an hour and a quarter.  I charge by the session, not by how many modalities I use.  So I may add heat,  linements ,  massage,  salves,  moxibustion,  gua sha,  or cupping.  You are not charge by the number of modalities.  However,  the cost of your Herbs are not included because we have Nevada state tax on them.  Herbs can cost anywhere from @ $15 to almost $40 depending on the contents.  I use formulas that come either in tablet or tincture form so that they are easy to use and easy to carry with you.  I accept cash,  check,  Visa,  MasterCard,  and debit cards.  No insurance assignment accepted.