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Chinese Traditional Treatments

Traditionally western medicine treats a symptom as an isolated incident. “This hurts here, take a pain pill so that you don’t feel it until the body gets over it… or work through the pain….” Often western medicine intervenes only after the crisis has arisen, whereas Chinese medicine anticipates problems by sustaining out interior landscape. Because we view people as ecosystems in miniature, we seek to improve our capacity to balance and renew our resources. By comparison, Oriental medicine looks at the underlying causes that may have created the pain condition. Were your bones susceptible to injury because of foods you were lacking in your diet or for hereditary reasons? Were your tendons strung particularly tight from overwork because you didn’t know how to relax the muscles after the show? Were you blood-deficient because you’ve been trying to lose weight?

Chinese medicine is among the oldest forms of healing both for the body, mind and spirit. It is safe, relaxing and non-invasive. We do not use drugs. Instead we use Chinese herbs to help the body heal itself. It is of great benefit to treat the whole person, not just the physical injury in isolation from the rest of your life. It is often an alternative to surgery or other invasive procedures, as well as being a preventative medicine. Just taking a pill to mask the pain does not treat the root of the discomfort; in order to properly heal we need to address the correct cause. Otherwise your chances of ripping that muscle again are too likely. So the holistic state of your body/mind/spirit is directly related to your health.

What Oriental Medicine does best is diagnosis, treatment and preventative care, so that once the immediate condition is treated by bringing the body back into a natural balanced state. We can use preventative medicine to support the body, thus keeping the person from falling back into the unhealthy condition where injury and disease can occur. By correcting depletion and stagnation at earlier stages, greater problems later on are avoided.

There are several modalities in Chinese medicine. The one people think of first is acupuncture, but there are also other modalities including the use of moxabustion, cupping, gwa sha, chinese herbology, oriental bodywork called tuina massage, and nutritional counseling.

I treat both acute and chronic long-term conditions. I treat tendenomuscular pain as well as congestion that results in aches, tension, tenderness, a distended abdomen, irritability, and swelling. Along with musculo-skeletal and neurologic disorders, I treat infections, internal medicine, dermatological, genito-urinary and reproductive, and mental-emotional conditions.

Sometimes western medicine has nothing to offer for nagging chronic complaints that Chinese medicine can help. The two are not a substitute for each other. They are often complimentary. Whereas western medicine is often a heroic rescue, Chinese medicine can protect and preserve our health day to day.