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FAQ – Paperwork

As with a visit to any medical professional,  there will be a bit of paperwork to complete.  I try to keep this as simple as possible.  At the time that you make an appointment for your initial visit I will send you a packet with information booklets about acupuncture and…

FAQ – What Happens in an Initial Visit?

I ask for a two-hour block of time because there is a lot of ground to cover.  We will go through a detailed intake, pulse and tongue diagnosis and your first acupuncture treatment.  Be sure to NOT brush your tongue beforehand nor eat anything which discolors the mouth an hour…

FAQ – What does Acupuncture Cost?

Because of the time involved,  your Initial Visit which lasts two hours costs a flat rate of $110.  Following visits cost $75 and run an hour and a quarter.  I charge by the session, not by how many modalities I use.  So I may add heat,  linements ,  massage,  salves, …

FAQ – How Much Does Facial Rejuvenation Cost?

Virginia Doran’s protocol states that you should have two treatments per week, totaling 15 sessions. Facial Rejuvenation costs are under a different price structure than standard acupuncture care. Patients will be expected to complete 15 treatments at $175 per session for optimal results.

FAQ – Post Acupuncture Care

Please refrain from heavy exercise,  sexual activity and the consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs within 6  hours of treatment,  as they will interfere with its  effectiveness.  Please refrain from entering a shower,  Jacuzzi, sauna or pool for 6 hours after treatment.  Let it set like Jell-O.  In the next…

FAQ – Is Acupuncture Safe?

For many years since the Clean Needle Act was passed,  we have used only individually wrapped sterile acupuncture needles.  They are disposed of immediately in a Sharps container after use and we do not reuse needles in the United States.  I tend to use a very fine gauge needle that…

FAQ – Time

After your Initial visit,  future sessions run about an hour and a quarter.  Please plan to be on time so that you get the most use of your time.  When people are very tardy,  it is not fair to punish the patient who comes next.  I know traffic happens.  Thank…