Dr. Fiona Kelley

Wuxin Healing Arts Doctor of Oriental Medicine

2920 North Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 723.
Henderson, NV 89014

(702) 369-3406

About Dr. Kelley

Herbal Medicine & Massage Therapy

fiona and pandaDr. Fiona Kelley, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine has been practicing since 2001. Her specialties include stress reduction, treatments for anxiety and depression, infertility, pain, sports injuries, digestive disorders and many more. As a Past Board Member and current Vice President of the Nevada Sate Board of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Kelley has continued her tireless efforts to push the acupuncture profession forward, in hopes of further integrating the ancient practices of traditional Chinese Medicine further with Western cultural ideals. Dr. Kelley, is one of 3 original English speaking, licensed, non-Chinese/Korean acupuncturists in the state of Nevada. Dr. Kelley’s specialties include:

  • Dance and movement therapy
  • Sports injuries

Dr. Fiona is also certified in Therapeutic Massage and Oriental Physical Therapy and currently a teacher in movement therapy. In addition, Dr. Fiona Kelley maintains the following specialties and credentials:

  • National Diplomat in Oriental Medicine
  • Xiyan Hospital, training in Medical Qigong in Beijing
  • International Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing Received her Certification in Advanced Acupuncture
  • Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College.
  • Certified in Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine for the State of Nevada
  • Member of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
  • Former Vice President of the Nevada Oriental Medical Association